Techstars New York says goodbye to 36 Cooper Square

This weekend, in the middle of the Techstars NYC 2014 session, we packed up and left our old home at 36 Cooper Square. Techstars is now a proud owner of a brand new 13K SQ space with the stunning views of Times Square and Empire State Building.

36 Coper Sq

Moving is always both exciting and nostalgic.

3 years ago David Tisch and Adam Rothenberg leased the 6th floor of the 36 Cooper Square from Foursquare. Since then, this small, chaotic office has graduated over 30 Techstars companies in NYC.

Incredible hard work, mentor wisdom, amazing speakers, off the record founder stories, beer, sounds of ping pong, smells of East Village ethnic and health food joints, late nights and weekends have defined the 36 Cooper Square Techstars space.

The space was never quite clean, but was never too dirty either. The conference rooms, named after Foursquare badges, where constantly fought for. The Managing Director’s office had heating issues in the winter and cooling issues during the summer. The white boards where covered with business models, product ideas and team pitch scores.

It was distinctly East Village, distinctly New York, and more than anything distinctly Techstars. Creative chaos ruled at all times. The companies and the mentors loved it.

As we close off this chapter of Techstars history we salute and thank the space that has been our home. Here is the screenshot of the old Techstars NYC logo that covered the wall of the space.


And technically, Techstars is not even leaving the space. The serendipity, and the twist of fate for which Techstars is so famous strike again. Going forward, the new tenant of 36 Cooper Square is a Techstars NYC company – Plated!

Upward and onward!


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