Techstars NYC is now an official sponsor of the NYTM

We are delighted to announce that Techstars NYC is now an official sponsor of NY Tech Meetup. Founded back in 2004, NY Tech Meetup is the largest tech meetup and a non-profit organization for tech professionals in the world. NY Tech Meetup has over 40,000 members!

Since its inception the goal of NY Tech Meetup was to connect and foster tech community in NYC. Hundreds of great NYC startups have presented at the monthly gathering, which continues to be the place to connect around tech in NYC.

Techstars is delighted to become an official sponsor and supporter of this great organization.

Part of the sponsorship we are offering two perks:

1. An interview guarantee

An interview guarantee for the upcoming program for any company that presents at the NY Tech Meetup. As you know our program is super competitive and hard to get in to. We believe that startups presenting at the meetup are very high quality and will offer them a chance to interview with us if they are interested.

2. Win a copy of Do More Faster

An opportunity to win one of five copies of Do More Faster by David Cohen and Brad Feld at every single NY Tech Meetup. This is a classic and is a must read for anyone interested in startups. To win a copy, go to one of the NY Tech Meetups and tweet NYC tech is strong @NYTM @techstars

We are very excited to be part of the NY Tech Meetup story and look forward to connecting with you there every month!