We have over 100 different Techstars companies in NYC, including Techstars 2015 Winter Batch, which is in progress right now.

Jobs listings are all made equal, but the companies aren’t. We are confident that the Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, we want to make the case for why you should consider joining a Techstars company.

I encourage you to pass this around and dive in. If there is a job that you are interested in getting, please apply directly and mention that you found the job on my blog or email me alex dot iskold at techstars dot com and I will gladly facilitate the introduction.

So here are this month’s jobs:

IrisVR, Techstars ’15, is building a platform for experiencing and editing 3D models in Virtual Reality. With IrisVR’s products consumers will be able to literally walk through their homes before they are built, and architects will be able to design things directly in Virtual Reality. IrisVR is looking for 3D Engineer, Game Programmer & Full Stack Developer. Contact nate @ irisvr dot com.

Spoon University, Techstars ’15, is the food network for next generation. Warning: you will be addicted. They are looking for full-stack lead developer with the experience in building and scaling content sites. Fun team. Killer job if you love mixing coding with bread crumbs. Contact sarah @ spoonuniversity dot com.

Goods of Record, Techstars ’15, is launching new brand in men’s fashion/accessories in the coming months. They are looking for someone passionate about the space to help out with social media. Contact trey @ goodsofrecord dot com.

LSQ, Techstars ’15, is building rapid development platform for Microservices. This team has serious engineering chops and is looking to add a business person to lead operations, business development, and user acquisition. Contact pelle @ lsq dot io.

Stream, Techstars ’15, enables you to build scalable newsfeeds and activity streams. The company is founded by the authors of the popular open source Stream-Framework. The team has more than 15 years of experience with Python development. They are looking for Python Engineer to join the team. Contact thierry @ getstream dot io.

Bento box, Techstars ’15, is transforming the restaurant industry. Bento Box makes restaurants smart — helping them manage their websites, marketing, and back office operations. Bento Box is looking for Marketing & Strategy Intern, to join them immediately for 20 hours, for the next 8 weeks. Contact krystle @ getbento dot com.

Pilot, Techstars ’15, is a new kind, better internet provider. We deliver fiber-optic internet at speeds up to 1,000Mbps with no contracts, white glove customer service, and a 100% uptime guarantee for both your home and business. Pilot is looking for a Project Manager to join their team. Contact joseph @ pilotfiber dot com.

ClassWallet, Techstars/EdTech ’14, is building first virtual wallet solution for schools, with a fully integrated ecommerce platform. They are looking for Sales Manager with K12 sales experience. ClassWallet is based in Miami, aka zero snow land – get it? Awesome perks. Contact careers @ classwallet dot com.

Concert Window, Techstars ’14, is building an online music venue. If you like music, musicians, and you got your rails straight, this is THE gig in town. They are looking for Rails Developer. Contact jon @ concertwindow dot com.

Enertiv, Techstars/Connected Devices, ’14, is building a smart appliance and suite of analytics tools to help buildings save energy. They are looking for Sales Manager, and more. Contact carly @ enertiv dot com.

Hullabalu, Techstars ’14, is building the next generation interactive stories for kids. If you love purple pandas (who doesn’t?!), tough engineering problems, and amazing stories check out these jobs. Also, FYI, the crew is super serious about Soul Cycle and eating. Hullabalu is looking for iOS engineers, both full-time and interns, and growth/marketing manager. Contact suzanne @ hullabalu dot com.

Jukely, Techstars ’13, is bringing unlimited concerts to music lovers. This is a fast growing and up and coming company in the music space. Jukely is looking for iOS engineer to join their team. Contact bora @ jukely dot com.

Keen Home, Techstars/Connected Devices ’14, is building smart vents that help optimize heating and cooling, save energy and more. This is really cool tech, and a great team behind it. Do we need to mention they CRUSHED it on SharkTank? Yes, we do. Keen Home is hiring
Director of UX, Firmware Engineer, and a Full Stack Software Engineer. Contact nayeem @ keenhome dot io., Techstars ’14, is digitizing small batch manufacturing. They created a factory of the future, that sits in the cloud and helps makers and designers create products faster and cheaper. This team has serious MIT chops including former head of MIT media lab. is looking for Content Marketer and Full Stack Developer. Contact dylan @ matter dot io.

Pathgather, Techstars ’14, is building modern enterprise learning management systems. They are looking for Sales Development Representative, and two engineering interns – Frontend and Backend. Contact eric @ pathgather dot com.

Standard Analytics, Techstars ’14, is building a new medium for faster, data-rich, web-first scientific publishing. They aim to organize the world’s scientific information by bringing science to the web. Standard Analytics is looking for Senior Data Scientist and Senior Front End Developer. Contact tiffany @ standardanalytics dot io.


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