Awesome Jobs at Techstars Companies in NYC – April 2015

Every two months we do a post with cool jobs available at Techstars companies in NYC.

We are confident that Techstars companies stand for highest qualities startups you can find in NYC. Thats why whether you are an engineer or an MBA or an aspiring entrepreneur or an anxious corporate executive, we want to make the case for why you should consider joining a Techstars company.

I encourage you to pass this around and dive in. If there is a job that you are interested in getting, please apply directly and mention that you found the job on my blog or email me alex dot iskold at techstars dot com, and I will gladly facilitate the introduction.

So here are this month’s jobs:

IrisVR, Techstars ’15, is building a platform for experiencing and editing 3D models in Virtual Reality. With IrisVR’s products consumers will be able to literally walk through their homes before they are built, and architects will be able to design things directly in Virtual Reality. IrisVR is looking for 3D Engineer, Game Programmer & Full Stack Developer. Contact nate @ irisvr dot com.

Pilot, Techstars ’15, is a new kind, better internet provider. Don’t love TimeWarner Cable? Thats okay, Pilot got you covered. They deliver fiber-optic internet at speeds up to 1,000Mbps with no contracts, white glove customer service, and a 100% uptime guarantee for both your home and business. Pilot rapidly growing and is looking for a Project Manager, Field Technician (Night Owls only!), Installation Engineer, and more. Contact joseph @ pilotfiber dot com.

Spoon University, Techstars ’15, is the food network for next generation. Warning: you will be addicted. They are looking for full-stack lead developer with the experience in building and scaling content sites. Fun team. Killer job if you love mixing coding with bread crumbs. Contact sarah @ spoonuniversity dot com.

Stefan’s Head, Techstars ’15, is the first ever text message driven retail brand: Urban Outfitters for the next generation. Say whaaat? Yep, remember you first heard it right here. It’s weird, it’s awesome, it’s shades of pink and blue and it is the future of commerce. They are hiring social media / SMS manager. Want to apply? Text Stefan: 646-759-0904.

ADstruc, Techstars ’10, is the leading technology services company for the outdoor advertising industry. ADstruc is looking for a Senior Product Manager and a UI/UX Designer. Contact josh @ adstruc dot com.

BlueCore, Techstars ’13, builds intelligent email and other marketing automation tools for commerce and other verticals. BlueCore is venture backed, and serves free breakfast, lunch and unlimited snacks. No seriously, they have AWESOME perks and culture.
BlueCore is rapidly growing and looking for Software Engineer, Customer Success Manager, Creative Designer and more. Contact ryan @ bluecore dot com.

ChatID Techstars ’11, powers real-time conversations between brands and consumers directly on retailer sites and stores. This is a growing venture backed company that has big Fortune 500 companies as paying customers. ChatID is looking for Head of Engineering, Enterprise Sales Director, and has more engineering and sales jobs. Contact dan @ chatid dot com.

ClassPass Techstars ’12, gives you unlimited pass to go to fitness classes for a fixed monthly fee. If you’ve not tried or heard of ClassPass, well… What planet have you been living on! They have a ton of cool jobs, including Director of Sales, Front end engineer, and PR Manager. Contact ccollins at classpass dot com.

Dash, Techstars ’13, is a connected car platform, with a vision to make any car a ‘smart car’. Dash is available for iPhone and Android smartphones and used by nearly 200,000 drivers in over 150 countries worldwide. Dash is looking for engineers and business development folks who enjoy high speed adventures (pun intended). Contact jamyn at dash dot by.

Enertiv, Techstars/Connected Devices, ’14, is building a smart appliance and suite of analytics tools to help buildings save energy. They are looking for Front-end Developer. Contact carly @ enertiv dot com.

PanOpen Techstars ’13, is offering peer-reviewed, open source textbooks. They are looking for Software Developer and a Sales Representative. Contact bjacobs at panopen dot com.

Placemeter Techstars ’13, delivers the real-time pulse of pedestrian and vehicle movement outside your window. They are looking for Computer Vision Engineer. Contact alex at placemeter dot com.

Smart Host, Techstars ’14, helps you make more money with your vacation rentals. They are looking to hire Account Executive and a Data Scientist. Contact evan @ smarthost dot me.

Standard Analytics, Techstars ’14, is building a new platform for collaborative, data-rich, web-first scientific publishing. If you are science nerd, this is as awesome as it is going to get. Ever. They are looking for Full stack developer and Front end developer. Contact tiffany at standardanalytics dot io.

Tutum, Techstars ’14, offers a platform for managing and deploying Docker applications. They are looking for technical product manager. This is a dream job for PM with tech chops or engineer who is looking to switch to the dark side (okay, okay, I am kidding). Seriously, Tutum is rapidly growing and container space is red hot. Contact borja @ tutum dot co.

Tuva Labs, Techstars ’14, is making statistics and data analysis accessible for data novices and learners around the world. They are looking for a Front End Engineer and a Full Stack Engineer. Contact jpatel @ tuvalabs dot com.

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