Introducing Techstars Weekly Diversity and Inclusion Office Hours for Founders in NYC

We wrote last week here about doubling our efforts to help founders. During these rather uncertain times, we at Techstars are committed to sending a loud and clear signal that we support our founders 110%.

At Techstars we believe that actions speak louder than words. As an organization, we have made an important commitment to diversity and inclusion in technology.

Today I am delighted to share another significant commitment—weekly office hours for female, minority, LGBTQ, and immigrant founders. Along with myself, these office hours will be hosted by different Techstars employees in NYC—KJ Singh and Jillian Canning who help me run Techstars City Program, Jenny Fielding who runs our IoT and Fintech Programs, Eamonn Carey who runs Techstars Connection, and Jenny Lawton, who recently joined Techstars as a Chief Operating Officer.

Here is how office hours will work. Right now we are planning to host the office hours every Tuesday from 5PM-7PM (the times may change in the future). Use this calendar link and book 20 minutes and then come by our office at 1407 Broadway to meet with one of the Techstars staff (we are planning to take turns hosting office hours).

Come talk to us about anything you need help with—your current startup, fundraising, founder issues, user acquisition, sales strategies, financial modeling, or even just an idea for starting a new company.

If you are a female, minority, LGBTQ or an immigrant founder in NYC, we want you to know that our doors, our hearts, and our minds are open.

Please take advantage of this opportunity! We are making this significant commitment because we feel strongly that it is the right thing to do, and we can make a difference.

See you Tuesdays at Techstars!


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