About Me

Hey, there! My name is Alex Iskold, and I am a Tech Entrepreneur and Investor working in New York City. Currently, I am a Managing Partner at 2048 Ventures. 2048 Ventures is a first-check investor in companies differentiated through technology.

Here is my contact information.

I am a big fan of keeping things simple, so below you can find some highlights about me.

Although this write up is pretty dated, its a good overview of part of my personal journey. This is a sequel that I wrote recently.

My current obsessions include startups, building products, venture capital, books, yoga, cooking, running and vegan food. In the past, I’ve obsessed over poetry, teaching, complex systems, engineering, TV, red wine and blogging for ReadWriteWeb.

What I’m working on now

  • Co-Founded and building earliest stage venture firm called 2048 Ventures
  • Investing in companies differentiated through technology
  • Investing in NYC, Boston, and emerging cities like Toronto, Atlanta, Austin, Pittsburgh and others

What I’ve worked on in the past